The Cabri G2 is the only piston helicopter designed from scratch with the safety of its occupants as top priority.

It delivers a level of safety that was until now reserved for the military and a few expensive turbine helicopters.In fact it is the only piston engine helicopter to be certified under EASA CS-27 and FAA Far 27 rules.

The Cabri G2’s many safety advances make it the safest helicopter in its class. These include:

  • A fully articulated rotor system
  • Exceptionally strong composite fuselage and blades
  • A Fenestron tail rotor, which not only provides superior flying qualities, but also is much safer in confined spaces and for personnel on the ground
  • A unique four-way trim system that enhances aircraft stability in the hover and in the cruise
  • The helicopter structure and energy absorbing seats have been shown in testing to be survivable in impacts of up to 2,000 ft/min
  • The fuel tank, which utilises technologies developed by the military and Formula 1 race engineers, has been designed to survive similar impacts without rupturing
  • Rather than employing two magnetos, there is one magneto coupled and an independent electronic ignition system.
  • An automatic carburetor ice protection system

Because of the many design advances incorporated in the helicopter it has exceptional auto-rotation capabilities. The high inertia rotor system helps to maintain constant rotor RPM giving the pilot significantly more time to enter auto-rotation following an engine failure.

Helicopters Guimbal, the designers and manufacturers of the Cabri G2 operate state of the art manufacturing and testing facilities and work closely with a number of preeminent aerospace partners.